Pirates are the sea-faring marauders that reek havoc on merchants, navies, and unsuspecting maritime villages. Endlessly creative in their nastiness and debauchery, pirates strike fear into all who see their flags a-comin’…

Pirate Descriptions

  • pirate, coursair, privateer, mutineer,
  • bandit, cavalier, swashbuckler, brigand, thief, robber, hijacker, rogue,
  • scoundrel, scallywag, scurvy dog,
  • hired gun, hired hand, mercenary, sellsword,
  • deckhand, ensign, captain, mate, quartermaster, boatswain (bosun), swabbie, cabin boy, powder monkey, carpenter, sailing master, navigator,
  • slave, impressed sailor, indentured servant,
  • maimed, scarred, pocked, burned, blistered,
  • missing limbs and digits, cut, bruised battered, weathered, worn,
  • bearded, hairy,
  • dirty, scummy, fetid, stinky, rough,
  • fearsome, frightening, imposing, nasty, evil, dastardly,
  • fierce, violent, berserk, crazy, mad, angry, vengeful, wild,
  • indiscriminately ruthless,
  • dishonorable, untrustworthy, devious,
  • determined, persistent, driven, hardcore,

Pirate Stuff

  • caravel, frigate, man-o-war, galleon, skiff, boat, ship, pirate ship,
  • flag, emblem, jolly roger, skull and crossbones,
  • sword, saber, cutlass, spadroon, smallsword, rapier, broadsword, dirk, knife, dagger,
  • hand axe, boarding axe,
  • pike, spear, boarding pike,
  • bow, crossbow, hand crossbow, shortbow, repeating crossbow,
  • pistol, musketoon, musket, rifle, blunderbuss, flintlock, matchlock,
  • cannon, 8-pounder,
  • baggy shirt, high boots, long coat, belt, tricorn hat,
  • excellent cliche (or archtype) descriptions: eye patch, peg leg, hook hand, cutlass, beard,