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36 Ways to Lose a Sword in Your Story

In your creative writing and roleplay, it’s time to take that sword your character loves and lose it or abuse it in dramatic fashion. Why not up the tension and create panic? After all, what’s bad for the character is good for the story!

sword creative writing roleplaying fantasy lose a sword
Nice sword to lose.

Lose a Sword in One of These Ways

Use the following table by rolling 2d6 (that’s two six-sided dice). Use one die face for the tens and the other die face for the ones column and then consult the list below.

  • 11 – The tip breaks off so it’s no longer pointy, though it’s still good for hacking, I suppose.
  • 12 – It’s rusting and needs to be oiled; unfortunately, you’ve run out of oil.
  • 13 – An elf or gremlin steals it and demands pay for its return.
  • 14 – A freak rain storm washes your sword away.
  • 15 – You left it behind somewhere; when you go back, it’s gone.
  • 16 – A thief distracts you while their partner in crime pilfers your sword.
  • 21 – The metal fuses to another piece of metal.
  • 22 – It flies out of your hand and cracks.
  • 23 – The wrapping on the hilt has loosened and now your swing is a little off.
  • 24 – Unbeknownst to you, the sword was poorly made and now it breaks from shoddy workmanship.
  • 25 – Apparently, this sword is special to someone else and they demand it back.
  • 26 – You’ve run out of money and have to trade your sword away — or pawn it — for some food.
  • 31 – An uncomfortably large monster bites your sword and now it’s misshapen.
  • 32 – It’s stuck inexplicably in your sheath and you can’t withdraw it.
  • 33 – A magic aura has animated it and you find out that it doesn’t like you.
  • 34 – A hag has put a curse on it and your hands get red and itchy if you touch the sword.
  • 35 – The blade snaps off at the hilt.
  • 36 – It drops down a chasm or sewer or into a lake and it’s gone.
  • 41 – A genie takes your sword and demands you complete a task before he returns it.
  • 42 – You take a little nap and when you awake, your sword is gone.
  • 43 – A tentacle appears from the ether and scoops your sword from your hands pulling it into another dimension.
  • 44 – Your sword mysteriously vanishes in a puff of smoke.
  • 45 – A magical energy melts your sword.
  • 46 – A hill giant bends your sword into a pretzel.
  • 51 – During a battle, your sword gets lodged in a tree, or post, or a crack in the stone
  • 52 – You swing your sword back — about to deliver a big finishing blow — and it hits the roof and breaks.
  • 53 – Your sword has a secret compartment but opening it to find what’s inside, requires destroying it.
  • 54 – A god steals your sword and you must complete a quest to get it back.
  • 55 – A strange fungus begins to eat your sword.
  • 56 – Playful nymphs, gremlins, or elves take your sword and taunt you.
  • 61 – It turns out your sword is magical and has a mind of its own; now it refuses to work with you until you complete a task.
  • 62 – Your sword had a previous owner and they’ve come to reclaim what they say is rightfully theirs.
  • 63 – A blizzard rolls in and buries your sword.
  • 64 – It ends up in a pile of other swords and now you can’t tell which one is yours.
  • 65 – The town guard confiscates your sword; an obnoxious officer likes it and now they won’t give it back.
  • 66 – A jealous wizard transforms your sword into a delicious sausage then serves it to you for dinner.

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