Twangy Shooty Weapons

Why get into a hand to hand fight when you can attack from the comfort of… well… far away. Nock arrows! Loose!

Menu of Bows and Such…

  • bow and arrow
  • crossbow and bolt
  • longbow, short bow,
  • yew bow,
  • plain bow, simple bow,
  • bone bow,
  • composite bow, recurve bow, reflex bow,┬ácompound bow,
  • light crossbow, heavy crossbow, winder crossbow, goat’s foot lever crossbow, stirrup crossbow, windlass, composite crossbow,
  • ballista,
  • repeating crossbow,
  • hand crossbow,
  • dart gun,
  • slingshot, staff sling,
  • potato gun,
  • speargun, spear thrower,
  • blow darts,
  • blow dart concealed in a parasol, cane, umbrella,


  • arrow,
  • blunt point arrow,
  • crossbow bolt, quarrel,
  • dart,
  • poison arrow, toxin dart,
  • flaming arrow,
  • double bolt,
  • slingshot stone, marble, pellet, pebble,

Crossbow Parts

  • bow, lathe, prod, split limb, limb,
  • string, tendon, cable,
  • foot stirrup, loop, claw, stirrup, tassel, anchor, hook,
  • bridle, groove, stock, arm, tiller, barrel,
  • crannequin, ratchet, crank, lever, winder,
  • trigger, lever,
  • nut, screw, pin, bolt, catch,
  • magazine,
  • materials: steel, wood, iron,┬ácomposite, varnish, adhesive, glue, laminate, whalebone, hazel, elm, yew, horn, hemp,

Characters associated with Bows and such

  • bowman, archer, crossbowman, longbow man,
  • hunter, ranger, fighter, warrior, knight, paladin, scout, soldiers, infantrymen,
  • thief, assassin, murderer, thug, ruffian, ambushing bandits,
  • adventurer, explorer,
  • bodyguard, police, officer, sentinel, guard, wall guard,
  • prey, quarry, the hunted, victims,
  • wood elf, faerie, brownie, gnome, humans,
  • executioner, firing squad,