Weather and Climate

The air about you may howl or whisper as the clouds or the sun spy from above. The season brings a set of attitudes to challenge you. What does the weather bring you today?

Weather Menu

  • cold, foul, cool, crisp, brisk, freezing, bracing,
  • sun, inferno, hot, sunshine, shiny, bright, warm,
  • wind, breeze,
  • fog, mist, haze, smog, moisture, droplets, humidity,
  • precipitation, rain, downpour, torrent, spray, drizzle, sleet, snow, sprinkle, hail, blizzard, chinook, tempest, storm, squall, monsoon, tropical rain
  • cold front, warm front, cooling trend, pressure, high, low, depression, convection, air column, expansion, contraction, air mass, greenhouse effect, global warming, coriolis effect, barometric pressure, systems
  • tornado, dust devil, cyclone, tempest, anti-cyclone, hurricane, super cells, storm systems, tropical storm, thunder storm, lightning, sheet lightning,
  • khamsin, sand storm,
  • global winds, local winds, convection, anabatic winds (upslope winds), katabatic winds (downslope winds), solar wind, howling wind,
  • thunder
  • clouds: cumulus, stratus, alto-stratus, cirrus, cumulonimbus, cumulonimbus calvus,
  • clearing, clearing up, clear,
  • dry, hot,
  • humid, dank, heavy, oppressive air, stifling, sweltering,
  • calm, fair, fair weather, a nice day, swell, fine,
  • flaw, abberation,
  • cloudy, overcast, partly cloudy, scattered cloud,

Seasons Menu

winter, autumn, summer, spring, rainy, fall, dry season, warm, cold, dark, light, rutting, mating, monsoon, undead, etc.

Climate Zones Menu

  • temperate
  • tropical
  • continental, oceanic
  • mediterranean,
  • arid,
  • desert
  • savanna
  • equatorial,
  • torrid,
  • arctic, tundra, polar