Shops, businesses, Services in Town (fantasy)

New to town? Where do you go for a bite to eat, a length of quality rope, or a repair job on your favorite axe? Try some of these places for your narrative needs!

Artisans, Journeymen, Artificers, Craftsmen

Those who make their own stuff to sell fall into this general category. These folks are trained in their art and offer specialization in a particular area. Some are devoted professionals while others are poorly trained scammers. Who will your characters encounter?

  • baker chandler smith wright
  • millwright blacksmith grocer potter
  • cobbler miller tailor/seamstress weaver
  • armorer weaponsmith fletcher tanner
  • carder/cardroomer cartographer net maker bow maker
  • vintner brewer bookmaker printer
  • alchemist clockmaker carpenter mortician, embalmer
  • barber ropemaker basketweaver loomer
  • carpet maker perfumer saddler needleworker
  • shipwright cartwright wheelwright thatcher
  • cainer calciner soapmaker chiffonier, wig maker
  • glazier woodworker carver sculptor
  • painter spinner tool maker lute maker
  • maltster butcher, carnifex, hatter, milner, haberdasher, jeweler, lapidary, gem cutter
  • sailmaker leather worker clothier fortune teller
  • cabman/cabbie rag and bone man farrier tinker
  • caster engraver woodcutter joiner
  • cabinetmaker, gemmer, etcher, spindle maker, bird seller
  • costumer, oracle, seer tinner, tinsmith, sawyer, miller
  • bricklayer gilder, goldsmith dyer cheeseman
  • embroiderer ostler/hostler
  • headstone carver, publisher,
  • salter,
Notes on menu above…
  • Artisans are basically small business people who provide their service out of a shop, living attached somehow, either on an upper floor or a building or room in the rear of the shop.
  • Lithographers or printers could be around if you want a little advanced technology in your world to make some fliers or business cards; usually these would be gnomes or some other “tinkering” race. Go Gutenberg!

Occupations Around Town

These folks are included in the settings menus as they can serve a contextual purpose in your narrative… an example of how the people in a neighborhood can serve as environmental reinforcement.

  • cabman, cabbie, commissioned artist, travelling priest, evangelist, moneylender, 
  • gypsy, trader, performer, merchant, barge operator, gondolier, 
  • porter torch bearer hired hands hired swords
  • prostitutes stevedore, dockworker capitalist/investor auctioneer /canting caller
  • driver, cartman gelder clapman, town crier appraiser
  • banker, money lender, copeman, chapman, inventor, historian, researcher, 
  • oxherd actuary ale draper physician, barber-surgeon
  • recorder, scribe academic, professor philosopher, thinker mathematician, calculator
  • herald, speaker travelling dentist storyteller elder, wiseman
  • miner logger, lumberjack sheriff, marshall cellarman
  • shingler fishmonger falconer midwife
  • ploughman glassworker shipwright, boatbuilder wrestler
  • gambler magician clown, fool, jester poacher,
  • hunter, trapper innkeep brewer, cook, baker intellectual/philosopher
  • librarian bookkeeper, accountant prospector
  • locksmith, trapsmith,
Notes on menu above…
  • there may be a balloonist for hire that can take you above the town in a rickety basket
  • a tobacconist can sell you tobacco reputed to have “magic” properties (ex. smoke of seeing)
  • a slave trader could come through town with his “wares” for sale
  • an old prospector hires the party for protection as he goes into the hills to work his claim

Merchant, Trader Shops

Merchants and traders deal largely in goods that they procure somehow rather than actually make themselves as artisans would. Sometimes they can have some exquisite items from exotic locations. Have fun shopping!

  • tea, coffee silver miscellany cloth
  • metal ore weaponry insects, bugs, bees tobacconists
  • religious icons, books carpets, tapestries, rugs copper urns, pots, tombstones, monuments
  • spices beans, legumes, peas, nuts, seeds, dried berries tattoo artist
  • makeup, costumes, finery rope, cord, twine, nets ladders, scaffolding, beams traps, snares, hunting goods
  • post maker, poles, staffs
  • hard leather cases (cuir bouilli) for maps, scrolls, or specialized equipment
  • fabric,
  • boxes, cases, strongboxes, puzzle boxes, coffers, chests,
  • clay, pottery, porcelain,


Stalls at a Market

dairy flour wheat, millet, flax corn

cabbage & turnip henna body art trinkets rugs/carpets

urns, jugs, ewers pots, pans, kettles tree fruits dates, raisins, apricots

wool blankets hawkers elixirs

carrots, beets, & onions rum seller ale vendor cinnamon & nutmeg

cartomancer peddler tea seller fish

poultry, feathers pork beef honey

lace, embroidery flowers linen sausages

mushroom seller Asian noodles worms, beetles, caterpillars kites, flags,

meteorites, strange rocks

Street Performers at Fantasy Market

juggler sword swallower clown fool

lute player singing harmonic trio drunk storyteller flute player

fortune teller prestidigitator magician dice gambler

soothsayer seer troupe of clowns string trio

wind quintet barbershop quartet comedic duo slapstick buffoonery

card trickster charlatan monkey and a music box kids games (pseudo daycare)

portrait cartoonist escape artist henna artist snake charmer

  • a man is dressed up as an orc and people are allowed to throw fruit at him for 1cc.
  • a duelist challenges any comers to fight him with harmless invisible weapons
  • a drunk old guy offers to let you shave his four foot beard for 100gc.


Other Places in Town

stable inn, hotel warehouse barracks

sewer latrine bath house pool

auditorium coliseum, arena jailhouse, courthouse guild hall

smelter coffeehouse, cafe fountain park

dock, wharf, pier BBQ and smokehouse shop orchard,

garden hedge maze, labyrinth amusement park

brothel emporium smokeshop, hooka shop bazaar of the bizarre

bone collector telepath medium, exorcist snakebite therapy

opium den worms, beetles, caterpillars

  • temple, shrine, church, monastery, abbey
  • “Astral Travel Adventures” teleportation services


Guilds, Unions, Fraternities

drivers (teamsters) thieves smiths sorcerers

physicians carpenters, joiners soldiers farmers

alchemists merchants, traders jewelers assassins

artisans miners fishers circus performers

construction stevedores musicians

sawyers’ hall,