Character Types

Characters come in all shapes and sizes, with an unbounded range of skill sets and aptitudes. This page gives you a bazillion ideas for character professions, paths, classes, alternate species, styles, forms, and so on. Have fun!

Classic Fantasy Genre Character Types

Here is a smattering of ideas that suit the classic fantasy genre, though many of these work in a wide range of genres.

  • sage, lore master, librarian, keeper of knowledge, elder, professor,
  • Troubadour, Minstrel, Bard, performer, jester,
  • Fighter, Warrior, swordsman, soldier
  • barbarian, outsider, hill folk, savage, wild one,
  • forest elf, mountain dwarf, Shire hobbit, gnome, sprite, half-elf,
  • dragonkin, lizardman,
  • Cleric, Priest, Shaman, monk
  • Druid, Ranger, Naturian,Scout, Tracker
  • Wizard, warlock, witch, Sorcerer, Sorceress, prestidigitator,
  • adept, apprentice, greenhorn, newbie, trainee, student, pupil,
  • Paladin, Cavalier, Knight
  • Avenger, Vigilante,
  • Thief, Rogue, Sneak, Assassin, Spy, bandit, highwayman, robber, burglar, vandal,
  • seer, oracle, psychic, psionic, astrologer
  • alchemist, inventor, engineer, mechanic, tinkerer,
  • gimp, freak, invalid, cripple, simpleton
  • commoner, farmer, cooper, inn-keeper, hostler, fisherman, brewer, baker, cook, chef, shepherd, rancher, clerk, artisan, shop owner, fisherman, tanner, clothier
  • homesteader, frontiersman, pioneer,
  • seafarer, sailor, pirate, privateer, seaman, captain, deck hand
  • Protector Wrestler Gladiator Athlete
  • Ruffian Thug Dealer Merchant
  • adventurer, entrepreneur, traveller, investor
  • Trickster Acolyte Tapestry weaver Basket weaver
  • Oracle Gambler Hired Hand/Laborer
  • Drifter Charmer Hawker Performer
  • Minstrel Minister Holy Man Nurse
  • Healer Necromancer Mage Mystic
  • (Dragon) WhispererPsychicPsionicPyromancer
  • Lord, courtier, prince, nobleman, royalty
  • Bone Reader Rune Writer Councillor Therapist
  • bounty hunter, investigator, detective, Butcher Historian Academic
  • Professor/Teacher Plane Traveller Armourer Blacksmith
  • Miller Carpenter Journalist Town Crier
  • Northern Watchman Yeti Hunter Lion Tamer Camel Herder
  • doctor, healer, surgeon, Wise Man Wiseguy
  • Criminal, ruffian, thug
  • Farrier Craftsman Ferryman
  • Wrangler Herbalist Dragonslayer Cultist
  • Glazier Musician Astronomer
  • Miner Commander
  • Captain Chieftain Scribe Veteran
  • Cavalry Officer Jeweler Fence Appraiser
  • Ghost Hunter Grave Digger Sentinel Sniper
  • Artist Weaponsmith Fletcher Engineer
  • Designer Consultant Tailor/Seamstress Mason/Stoneworker
  • guide, porters, servant
  • warden, marshall, sheriff, king’s man, steward, guardian
  • diva, protector, angel, defender
  • magistrate, judge, reeve, mayor, civil servant
  • traveller, wanderer, roamer, ranger, explorer, adventurer
  • miscreant, bum, hobo, streeter, loner, rebel
  • Jester/Fool Avenger Investigator Driver
  • Bookkeeper Executioner Inquisitor Translator
  • revolutionary, rebel, freedom fighter, guerrilla, upstart,
  • nanny, midwife

Character Styles

There is no shortage of options for fantasy genre characters. The range of characters, even heroes, is vast and varied. Look at some of the epic heroes of the fantasy genre: many are seasoned fighters or wise magic users; however, many are also run of the mill commoners who just end up having to save the world.

Here are a few archetypes and variants to get your creative juices flowing. Click on the various links to go to pages with menu items and more details…

Those who Fight

Your standard warrior is usually skilled in weapons and combat, though may be quick to anger and prone to impulsiveness in general. He or she may not be the wisest of characters though his or her heart is true to whatever cause he or she fights for (good or evil).

Those who cast spells

Spellcasters are talented with channeling the various powers of the universe, be they divine or spiritual energies, natural mana, psychic strengths, emotional charms, life force, mutated abilities, supernatural intuition, or intellectual manipulations. Spellcasters tend to be ponderous and thoughtful, wise and clever, and measured in response. They may tire quickly as their art can be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually draining. Their focus on study or prayer or meditation means they sacrifice training with weapons generally, though this is not always the case.

Those who sneak about

Thieves, rogues, burglars, spies, or sleuths are clever and coy, weighing situations quickly and finding ways to capitalize through trickery, deceit, or manipulation.

Character Species

Characters don’t have to be from the human race. So we’ve created a bunch of menus that look at some other-than-human-beings for your creative cogitation (thinking)…

  • For ideas on being human check out the HUMAN MENU.
  • For things that are “kinda like humans” peruse the HUMANOID MENU. This includes things like elves and dwarves (dwarfs, dwarphs, dvarves, or whatever).
  • Mutated folk appear in a lot of superhero, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic stories so check out ideas for your aberrations at the MUTANTS and ALIENS MENU to jazz up your characters with cool powers and looks.
  • Sometimes the best character is an animal or half-animal being with cool attributes like sharp teeth, tails, fur, and a cat’s curiosity. Check out the ANIMALS MENU for some furtastic ideas!
  • If your character is any part machine or fabrication, check out the menu of INVENTIONS, ROBOTS, and CONSTRUCTS.
  • If you’re looking for Monsters go to the MONSTERS MENU, or jump directly to the UNDEAD MENU if your characters are zombies, ghosts, or vampires (shiny or otherwise).
Notes and Ideas for Character Species in general…
  • You can be a “half” anything like a half-orc or half-elf.
  • You can be “kin” to virtually anything and star in an adventure; you can be Lizardkin, which basically means humanoid with lizardy features like scales and the ability to sit still as a stone for 48 hours. Similar to kin are the “folk” as in Faeriefolk, Ratfolk, the formidable dragonfolk (or Drakers in commoner parlance) or Lionfolk. You can be “born” from almost anything as well to create strange races like Oakborn (hardy barkskinned peeps), Starborn, or the ignoble Donkeyborn. If you add “blood” to anything you also get cool sounding races like Orcblood or Ogreblood.
  • You can be full on monster if you want as well, so if you want to play a total troll, go for it.
  • Put a type of terrain in front of a species and you’ve got a more precise variant with new dialects, features, habits, diets, customs, and abilities you can invent: hill gnome, sewer dwarf, Yukon tundra elf.