Where will your story roam: valleys or mountain tops; board rooms or back alleys; tight tunnels or vast space? Wherever your characters lead!

Settings, or narrative environments, provide the elaborate texture of your characters’ adventures. These menus will give you grand ideas for big, world-building endeavors, or details for a tiny ramen shop. Check out some of the options below, cruise the menus in this section, or plug a word into the search bar. Adventure awaits!

  • Landforms and Waterbodies gives you both large tract and small tract land types and waterways. Or go to a specific terrain like hilly regions for a wealth of ideas.
  • Wondering what political domains and realms exist? Go here.
  • Need some towns and cities? Go to this menu.
  • Check out a crypt as an adventure setting or look at more underground environments.
  • Maybe throw a set of creative stairs into your narrative. Lots of possibilities up, down, and under stairs!
  • Need to discover a new planet for your sci-fi adventure? Go to PLANETS for some ideas.