The Great Plains

The sky meets the field a lifetime away on the horizon across the immensity of the prairie. The awesomeness of openness is… well… awesome! Enjoy the space…

Types of Plains

  • plains, prairie, wheat sea, field,
  • steppe, grassland, scrubland, savanna, shrubland,
  • range, flatland, veldt,
  • plateau, mesa,
  • expanse,
  • tundra,
  • arid stretches, wasteland
  • meadow,
  • shortgrass prairie, mixed prairie,
  • semi-arid, temperate, semi-desert,
  • grazing land, ranch land,
  • open country, wide vistas, the ocean of prairie, monotony of grasses,
  • channeled scabland,
  • floodplain,

Plains Environment

  • brush, scrub, hedge, heath,
  • ditches, gullies, coulee, ravines, glacial channel, river valley, vales, dales, dells, drainage courses, mesa, butte, slope,
  • small woods, copse of trees, stands of trees,
  • farmland, ranchland,
  • rise, small hill, rolling hills, kames,
  • coulee, oxbow lake, winding river, meandering creek, kettle lake, pothole lake, basin,
  • swamp, moor, wetland, pond,
  • game trails, tracks,
  • glacial deposits, boulders, stones,
  • cracked earth, mudflats, sand dunes, wind-eroded dirt stretches,

Plains Stuff

  • farms, crops, gardens,
  • fences, gates,
  • roads, ruts, trails, crossroads, tracks,
  • irrigation channels, dykes, ditches, reservoirs, dams,
  • pyramid, constructed hills, burial mounds,
  • crop circles

Plains Characters

  • scouts, rangers, marshals, wardens,
  • game animals,
  • poachers, hunters,
  • travelers, adventurers
  • frontiersmen, voyageurs,


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