Lengthy, Reachy Weapons

Length matters to warriors. If you can get them before they get you… well… you win. Why not grab a polearm?

Polearms and other Lengthy, Reachy Weapons

  • spear, pike, lance, polearm, 

    Sharp and pointy... just make sure you're standing on the right end!
    Sharp and pointy… just make sure you’re standing on the right end!
  • guisarme, halberd, fork, corseque, military fork, 
  • trident, javelin, spetum, pilum, 
  • glaive, ranseur, bardiche
  • scythe, sickle staff, 
  • awl pike, ahlspiess,
  • fauchard, bill, bec de corbin,
  • glaive, voulge, partisan,
  • poleaxe, pole cleaver, long axe, beaked axe, long bearded axe,
  • long pick,
  • lucerne hammer, long hammer, bec de corbin, crow’s beak, raven’s beak, falcon’s beak, bec de faucon, 
  • whip, net, grappling hook, lasso,
  • mancatcher,
  • harpoon, toggling harpoon,
  • spontoon,
  • bayonet, linstock,
  • boar spear, earspoon, lugged spear, winged spear,
  • spear and chain,
  • horseback or cavalry spear, lance, barcha, nezah,
  • throwing spear, ballam, javelin,
  • brandestoc, feather staff, brandistock, concealed-blade spear, retractable-blade spear, sliding blade,
  • Lochaber axe, ox tonge spear (langue de boeuf),
  • energy lance,

Spear Parts

  • shaft, haft, stem, handle, grip,
  • point, head, blade, wave blade, hook, fork, trident, bill, axe head,
  • flue, hook, one flue, two flue,
  • notch, butt cap,
  • lugs, wings, guards, traps,