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This site is all about ideas. It is a resource of creative triggers  to help you with your short story, roleplaying game, novel crafting, poetry composition, screenwriting project, song writing, storytelling, or other such endeavor.

At Cre8opedia we spend most of our time brainstorming ideas and deconstructing topics. This graphic illustrates what we’ve come to understand about the complex “idea molecule”…

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The Complex Idea Molecule


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roleplaying gamers.


people wanting fun narrative games.

About the site

Focus on Creative Fiction
  • This site is designed with creativity and fiction in mind. Therefore, everything is included with an air of fun and frivolity. The brainstorming stage of the creative process — the “never-never land” of cre8opedia — is about getting all the ideas out, even the crazy ones. If you need facts, please do your research using the tons of resources out there to double-check your stuff.
  • We have not categorized, included, excluded, extruded, extended, or manipulated anything to cause offence or infringe on copyright. Some content may be questionable to one visitor but useful to another in their own pursuit of narrative fiction. Please contact the site editor if you have questions or concerns.
Use of Pronouns
  • We have opted to drop the gender specific he, she, him, her, his, hers pronouns; instead, we use they, their, theirs, and them as non-gender-defined pronouns as much as possible. Despite the argument by some pronoun traditionalists that these plurals are out of place in the singular world, this practice is being adopted throughout the universe including in post-secondary institutions, journalism, and literature. Go Equality
Navigation Notes
  • Plug a topic into the search bar and follow some suggestions.
  • Look at the top menu or sidebar menu and explore.
  • Select a post tag or post category on the sidebar to see what related posts pop up.
Work in Progress
  • This site is in a state of perpetual growth; thus, it is a work in progress. We are at it 25 hours per day (our head office is on Mars). Please check back regularly for more ideas as our menus are ever-growing, blob-like, all-consuming monsters! If you would like to see a category, page, post, or menu added, please contact the site editor.
  • If you have an idea about a certain topic, please post a comment on that page or post, as your contribution could benefit another cre8opedia visitor. And thanks for adding to the brainstorm!
Our Creative Team
Cre8opedia Creative Team
The creative team.
  • Our team consists of an 18th century one-legged sea captain, a rather hairy half-yak, an actual “rocket scientist,” some random woman named “Dale,” a fork, a former foozeball champion, and a pair of Canadian beavers.


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