The character lives the story, but bigger things may drive the story. These are the meta-narrative pieces that the author controls, whether whimsically or profoundly. This is your bridge to the god-like power of writing!

Meta-narrative Components

Here are quick links to meta-narrative components, each briefly explained below:


  • These are the overarching ideas in your story and may be driven by a number of things. Each menu overlaps the others in certain respects, and like everything on this site, should not be interpreted as prescriptive; rather, each is a different paradigm from which you can approach your narrative creatively and thoughtfully. What’s your story about?
    • Concepts – overview in greater depth
    • Thematic Concepts – narritive ideas based on lessons learned or the human condition.
    • Conflict Concepts – fights, even those within oneself, drive story
    • Forces Concepts – the push and pull of the universe or the supernatural, harmony or discord and opposition, move characters about in a narrative
    • Plot Concepts – basing a story on a mission, goal, or objective is a clean and clear way to drive a story


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How do you structure a narrative? These menus will help you to think about that and come up with some creative ideas:

  • Poetic Structure
  • Exposition
  • Flashback
  • Plot Line