Cruising through a dungeon? Piloting a starfighter? Spying on an enemy? Wherever your roleplay takes you, cre8opedia is happy to be by your side…

Thanks for visiting, gamers! We think you’ll really like this resource to inspire, detail, expand, reconstitute, strengthen, and invigorate any and all aspects of your roleplay gaming. Because this resource is non-prescriptive (there are no rules!) it is easy to use in conjunction with any tabletop RPG system out there. Take the rules you love and slide some cre8opedia ideas in there seamlessly for a rejuvenating experience. Cre8opedia is about idea triggers, creativity, and fun. That’s it. It’s like the RPG spa!

How you can use Cre8opedia for your gaming:

You can use your RPG game rule books to build the numbers, and use cre8opedia to add some sweet nuance  and flavor to make the roleplaying truly rich. If you have a campaign that’s working great, just add a few touches of cre8opedia here and there. If you’re inventing your own campaign, you’ll find lots here to help.

If you are a gamemaster, you can develop things for your characters they never would expect, with lots of specific detail and epic story lines. If you’re playing a character in a campaign, you can find some nifty ideas for your avatar that your game referee will love.

This page is divided into critical categories useful to tabletop roleplayers. Each category then contains lots of links and tips to serve your needs with a whole bunch of pages and posts for you to check out and bookmark for future reference. If there is something missing, fire us an email at and we’ll build a page or post of ideas for you on that very topic!

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Developing Characters…

We roleplayers always need a few new ideas for our characters. In roleplaying games we can get caught up chasing the stats, looking at ways to build our bulk in skill and strategy with roll bonuses or dice pool optimization. That can leave us missing some desirable flavor. Who exactly is this avatar through which we will burn 17,000 hours?

Sometimes you want a classic; sometimes you want a hybrid; sometimes you’re not sure what you want. Check out the CHARACTER menus for myriad ideas to build the character of your dreams.

  • You can use our CHARACTER SHEET to scribble down some key ideas for developing your character’s story. There are no spaces for numbers (ability stats, HP, AC, etc.) though you can add these by hand if you want. Or you can just use the cre8opedia sheet for your character background ideas and use your existing game character sheet for the numbers needed for game play.
  • Different character types–similar in scope to classes, paths, occupations, professions, roles, specialties, and so on–can be found on the CHARACTER TYPES page. You can also look over specifically detailed character ideas on posts like these: torch bearer, battle wizard, juggler, Viking warrior, bard, paladin, wizard, channeller, holy adventurer, battlegear adventurer, adventuring scout, to name a few. And we are building more of these every week! Plug a desired character type into one of the search bars (top, left side, or bottom of each page) and see what comes up.
  • If you don’t want to be human, you can find a wild assortment of character races, families, genera, species, or phyla by going to the CHARACTER SPECIES page. Here, you can experiment with humanoids, monsters, mutants, and robots, to name a few. And if you want to be human, we have a page for that too 🙂
  • Describing your  character is lots of fun when you have rich menus of words to choose from. Check out  CHARACTER DESCRIPTORS for some general ideas or go to the specific pages for the following: physical, emotional, social, intellectual
  • What do roleplaying gamers do on their downtime? Well, we dream about our characters, spending hours sketching, scribbling, researching, doodling, and thinking about the life story of our avatars. Check out CHARACTER BACKSTORY to deepen your healthy obsession with your alter ego. Here you’ll find ideas for family history, social status, part-time jobs, education, training, traumatic past experiences, bad relationships, phobias, obsessions (not yours, your character’s), cravings, motivations, and so on.

Game Masters, Referees, and Rulers of the Game-iverse…

Those of us who have game-mastered or dungeon-mastered an adventure know that it is a lot of time invested to entertain some friends with very high expectations of character, action, description, monster battles, and treasure. Well, here are some tools to help you with your designs and machinations…

  • Need some ideas to focus or expand your genre? Check out our GENRES page for some different ideas or look in the Genres menu at the top of the page to select from the dropdown, the genre of your campaign. See specifics in FANTASY, SCI-FI, or HORROR.
  • If you’re looking for an adventure concept, look through our CONCEPTS menus. You’ll find the classics but also a great deal of new ideas to surprise and entertain your minions!
  • Check out this post on designing encounters for roleplaying games.
  • storyline
  • justification
  • antagonists, monsters, foes, townsfolk, and other fodder,
  • treasure
  • classic fantasy dungeon
  • adventure design

In-game Details…

  • Use the menus to fill out details about the nooks and crannies in your campaign.
  • Get new ideas for STUFF in your game.
  • Need MONSTERS? We got lots of ideas!
  • Use the menus to create your own adventure gaming worlds. From castles and kingdoms to musty caves and dark sewers, magic and technology, future and past, there is something guaranteed to inspire or tweak your imagination. Check out our pages dedicated to planets or eras.
  • Check out a variety of genres such as the fantasy genre.