When you are adventuring, why not go BIG? That’s right, hop onto a spaceship or a passing solar wave and let it carry you to a brand new planet to explore!

Planets are full of all kinds of wonderful new environments, characters, things, and… adventures. Have a look at some of these grand, planet-sized ideas!

Types of Planets

  • massive, gargantuan, large, Earth-sized, small, tiny, mini, moon-like, asteroid-sized, microscopic,
  • blue, green, yellow, red, aqua, maroon, clay, vermilion, purple, marbled, striped,
  • spherical, oblong, flattened, stretched, obtuse,
  • smooth, mountained, cratered,
  • desert, barren, desolate, wasteland, scorched, crusted, dry, dusty,
  • ice, snow, tundra, frozen,
  • rock, mountainous,
  • forested, jungle, mossy, grassy, swampy, bog-world, vine-terrain,
  • ocean, watery, world of seas, island world, aquaform,
  • varied, mottled, earth and sea,
  • Earth-like, terrestrial, inhabitable, hospitable,
  • gaseous, vaprous, cloudy,
  • fire planet, lava world, molten surface rifts, volcanoes,
  • storm planet, raging supercells, cyclone¬†world,
  • seismic world, earthquakes, faultlines, cracking and shifting surface,
  • city world, overdeveloped, industrial world,
  • lost world,¬†ancient, vestigial, trace, destroyed, crumbled, decayed,

Planetary Developments

  • mining operation, resource developments,
  • colonization, assimilation, slavery,
  • cities and towns, megacomplexes,
  • corporate monopolies,
  • starbases, outposts, military instillations, fortifications,
  • orbiting space stations, observation posts on moons, asteroids,


  • aliens, mutants, monsters, humanoids,
  • primates, neanderthals,
  • primitive peoples,
  • highly evolved civilizations, advanced beings,
  • royalty, emperors, kings, rulers,
  • dictator, despot, totalitarian, autocrat,
  • common folk,
  • rogues, thieves, vagabonds, slave traders,
  • hunter, poacher,
  • space traveler, intergalactic tourist, adventurer, explorer,