Why do you want a creative spark? Are you a writer, teacher, roleplayer, parent, business leader, consultant, artist, poet, screenwriter, camp counselor, lyricist, or someone who wants to write the next great novel… but don’t know where to begin? Well… start digging here!

This section gives ideas specific to your use (or application) of cre8opedia. Whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer, a poet, a screenwriter, parent, teacher, or a gamer (or whatever), we’ve got ideas and tips for you. Select your path below or just noodle around the site to see what we’ve brainstormed for you.

You can use the top menu or the side menu to navigate, or type a word or term into the search bar on the sidebar to see what comes up. If you can’t find what you need, please post a comment or email and let us know what you’re after and we’ll add it to the site. Enjoy!

  • Are you a Roleplaying Gamer?
    • Some info on integrating the menus into your groups game play. Lots of ways this site can work in synergy with any existing campaign in any RPG system out there!
  • Need some Narrative Games?
    • some storytelling games you can play with friends around a campfire, at a party, in a drama class, trapped in an elevator,
    • these simple games can be used effectively to break the ice at a board meeting, to stimulate creativity before a project, to entertain children when they’re a little rambunctious on a long car ride,
  • Are you a professional or amateur Writer?
    • lots of menus that can be useful when you’re stuck for ideas or just want to try to freshen something up
    • some tips on writing to layer your narrative with environment, character backstory, plot lines, obstacles, themes, symbolism,
    • some targeted strategies and resources to get through that dreaded writers’ block.
    • check out this Kids Writing portal here if you are a young writer.
  • Are you an Educator, Teacher, Writing Instructor?
    • useful tips on how to use cre8opedia in a creative writing classroom, seminar, workshop,
    • tips on using cre8opedia in a drama classroom (coming soon).
  • Are you a Parent, guardian, day home operator?