Smashy, Bashy Weapons

Sometimes a sharp blade can’t cut through plate armour. So what do you do? Smash it! Bash it! Crush it!

Smashy, Bashy Weapons Menu

  • cudgel, atlatl, club,
  • spiked club
  • morning star, spiked mace
  • mace,
  • sceptre
  • metal pipe, golf club,
  • baseball bat
  • flail, ball and chain flail,
  • knobbed flail, flanged spail
  • spiked flail,
  • nunchuks,
  • piece of lumber, log, tree branch,
  • quarterstaff, pole, post, staff, walking stick,
  • military flail, footman’s flail,
  • cavalry flail, horseman’s flail,

Stuff about Maces

  • haft of metal, wood
  • reinforced: rivets, bolsters, f
  • may have: studs, flanges, spikes, knobs, ribs, dimples,
  • adorned with: inscriptions, etchings,
  • magical enchantments, spells, curses, abilities, endowments, twists, effects,