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  • book, volume, tome, manuscript, libre, livre, guide, booklet, handbook, communication, correspondence, taccuino, liber, scriptum, pocketbook,
  • letter, note, fragment, pamphlet, brochure,
  • rune, shard, crystal, tablet, stone, tapestry, relief,
  • script, scribble, writing, composition, pictogram, rebus, text, heiroglyphs, runes, letters, symbols,
  • cryptogram, code, anagram, scripture, scrawl
  • encyclopedia, nomicom, tome, collection, grimoire, catalogue, menu, manual, mythos, rulebook, almanac, box set, compilation anthology, set, series, dictionary, program,
  • journal, diary, record, log, scroll, memoire, work, opus, sketchbook,
  • Edition, publication,
  • Newspaper, magazine, flyer, coupon, a daily, a weekly, a monthly, article
  • file, record, directory, listing, dictionary, thesaurus, brief, document,
  • treatise, subpoena, draft, report, scholarly article, writings, thesis, doctoral thesis, masterwork,
  • map, guide, directory, calendar, poster, posting, warning, caution, sign,
  • Illustration, sketch, drawing,
  • musing, pondering, discussion paper, argument, theory, rumination, exploration,
  • picture book, rebus,
  • poem, ballad, novel, story, novella,
  • Script, transcript, recording, telegram,
  • Modern: Website, webpage, search engine, screenplay, print out, email, text, message, post, forum,
  • photo album, scrapbook,
  • sketchbook,
  • ledger, record book, accounts book, receipt booklet,

 Parts of Books

  • Piece, shard, fragment, half, page,
  • derivative, spin off, sequel, prequel, expansion, extrapolation
  • Chapter, volume, section, part, act, scene, paragraph, stanza, sentence, line,
  • Introduction, preamble, preface, prelude,
  • Conclusion, ending, finale, appendix,
  • Spine, cover, back, leaf, page,
  • Rulebook, book of ethics, manual of extreme poetry,

Possible Names for some Books in your narratives:

  • Book of the Dead, The Book of Books, Encyclopedia of All Things, Tome of Magics, Volume of Wonders,
  • Encyclopedia of Rituals,
  • Guide to the Universe,

 Notes, Thoughts, Ideas…

  • Books could be: authentic, original reproduction, fake, forgery, imitation,
  • The suffixes -nomicom or -con can be coupled with anything to invent new words, just like the famous Pizzanomicon of 1842 Witten by Walter Pieflipper of Lloydminster. Make up you own cool sounding books by mixing ideas up! Johnny Round slice followed in Pieflipper’s footsteps with his publication of the Mozzarella Derivative in 1912.