How does your fantasy world work with money? It can be simple or complex, fair or imbalanced. Whatever your money is… can you ever have enough?

Money Menu…

  • bills, coupons, notes, cards, tags,
  • coins, chips, chits, bits, pieces, parts, loops,
  • pins, pegs, stones, shells, marbles, bones,
  • quarters, nickles, dimes, pennies, pence, dollars, halfs, quid
  • doubloons, doubles, singles, triples, treys
  • points, credits, eighths, deci, demi, centi, milli, deca, kilo,
  • francs, pesos, pounds,
  • sterling, gold, platinum, copper, silver, bronze, iron, lead,
  • IOUs, promisory notes, papers, deeds, bonds, shares,
  • grants, honorariums, loans, credit, debit, gifts,
  • hand-me-downs, wills, inheritance,
  • weight,

Money Names from Around the World

  • dollar, cent, penny, toonie, loonie, silver dollar,
  • pound, pound sterling, pence, shilling,
  • two-bits, dime, nickel, quarter, half,
  • yen, riel, renminbi, rupiah, kip, pataca, tugrik, won, baht, dong,
  • doubloon, crown,
  • kwanza, ngultrum, pula, naira, leone, rand, kwacha,
  • afghani, dinar, rupee, tenge,  som, ringgit, somoni,
  • dram, lek, manat, lev, kuna, koruna, forint, krona, rufiyaa, dirham,
  • peso, boliviano, real, escudo, colon, quetzal, lempira, gourde, sol, cordoba, guarani, bolivar,
  • florin, franc, euro, mark, guilder, krone, zloti, leu,
  • hryvnia, ruble, kopek,
  • dalasi, lari, cedi, shekel, loti, ariary, kwacha, ouguiya, leu, dirham, metical, kyat, rial, kina, riyal, tala, dobra, pa’ang, lira, vatu,

Money Notes and Ideas

  • many odd objects have been used to represent trade and credit as “money”. For instance, in the old fur trade era, beaver pelts known as “made beaver” were the recognized form of trade currency. At times, even playing cards were used to represent wages earned or money owed to fort workers or traders.
  • coupons or “scratch and save” kind of deals are extremely attractive to buyers and dupe people into buying stuff they don’t usually need. Even drug dealers could offer “specials” to entice prospective buyers. How can you introduce a deal into your narrative transactions.
  • economic, societal, and political instability can wreak havoc on currency. If a country is in an uncertain state of civil war, other jurisdictions may severely downgrade the value of the war-torn country’s money. This could have an effect on any adventurers travelling abroad in your narrative.
  • kids come up with their own “black market” currency when trading collector cards. Different cards are understood to have greater value, often referred to as: rares, very rares, epic rares, ledendaries, uncommons, commons (not worth much and used for things like stabilizing a shakey table).
  • An overarching body, such as the International Monetary Fund, may have influence (regulation, control, etc.) over currencies in your narrative world — for better or worse.

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