The Underground World

The world beneath the surface is a wondrous and terrifying place. Discover new structures, societies, and situations in the fantastic narrative environments that exist underground. Dare you go?

Underground Environments Menu

This menu includes a bunch of possibilities from natural caves to magical and fantastical halls and cities!

  • natural cave, cavern, tunnel, hole,
  • burrow, den, lair,
  • hide out, thieves’ guild, clandestine den, secret society, bandits “hole up”,
  • shrine, cult chamber, chapel,
  • barbarians’ realm, hillfolks’ cave network, VC tunnel complex
  • sewer, drain, culvert, canal,
  • latrine, refuse pit, toilet,
  • great hall, throne room, oval office, banquet hall,
  • market, bazaar, trading post,
  • hidden city, lost city, mythical city,
  • tunnels, trade routes, passes, passages, toll stations, corridors
  • archways, colonnades, cloisters, alcoves, arcade, passageway, portico,
  • waterfalls, cascades, falls, chute, outpouring, overflow, spillway,
  • rivers, creeks, streams, channel, canal,
  • pools, lakes, seas, oceans, bays, lagoons, flood, reservoir,
  • islands, archipelago,
  • springs, geysers, fountain, spout,
  • steam vents, volcanoes, lava chutes,
  • crevasse, crack, rift, split, abyss,
  • dragon’s lair, hill giant cave, arachnid den, giant insect hive, goblin hideout, ogre camp,
  • crypt, tomb, burial site, grave pit, mausoleum, catacomb
  • dungeon, torture chamber, cell, jail, prison, inquisition room, interrogation chamber,
  • oubliette, bottle dungeon, forgotten dungeon hole, cramped chamber,
  • cellar, silage pit, wine cellar, storeroom,
  • wizard’s archive, library, scroll room, study, scriptorium, nexus of magical power,
  • maze, labyrinth,
  • net, structure, patchwork, weave, web-like arrangement, track, circuit, system, plexus, convolution, complex, intricate formation, series, organization
  • branch, auxiliary route, side passage, connection, offshoot, arm, street, avenue, road,
  • tesseract, 5th dimensional space, folded space, magical series of chambers,
  • testing ground, training area,
  • coliseum, arena, auditorium, theatre,
  • armoury, treasury,
  • bridge, balcony, terrace, loft, catwalk, ledge, platform, trestle, connector, gangplank, link, coupling, crossing, traverse, viaduct, ramp, mezzanine, gallery,
  • industry, mining operation, foundry,
  • mushroom ranch, fungus farm, moss farm,
  • incline, climb, slope, descent, ascent, declivity, acclivity, approach, gradient, rise, dip, grade, plane, level, cant, angle, variance,
  • tilt, twist, spiral, slant, tip, turn, curve, flip
  • stairs, slide, chute, chimney, tube,
  • divergence, convergence, “fork in the road,” detour, split, fork,

Underground Descriptors

  • Cool, damp, aching cold, rheumatic cold of the air, tinge of chill, brush of cold,
  • foggy, misty, cloudy, hazy, steamy, heavy air, dank,
  • damp, wet, humid,
  • tight, cramped, oppressive, heavy, claustrophobic, narrow, pressing, feeling the weight of the surrounding rock,
  • dark, black, thick blackness, all consuming dark, wicked darkness, world of moonless night,

Stuff in the underground world

  • dust, dirt, silt, mud, muck, soil, sand, salts, chalk,
  • mites, bugs, insects, spiders, ants, caterpillars,
  • bones of lost hikers, adventurers,
  • strange skull, strange rock, strange writing, strange mushroom, other strange stuff,
  • treasure, gems, jewels, old coin, stuff pirates buried,
  • fear, despair, hopelessness, panic,
  • traps!
  • door, secret door, trapdoor,

Characters in the Underground

  • monsters, orks, beasts, giant bugs,
  • reclusive band of monks, clerics, religious order, cult,
  • panhandler, beggar, leper, mutant, grotesque, oddity, doppleganger, troglodyte,
  • spirit, ghost, phantom, illusion, essence, aura, glamour,
  • dwarf mining contingent, sentry, peddler, gem appraiser,
  • escapee convict,
  • rebellious teens, orphan, petty youth criminals, gangstas,


  • Lost in the underground, abandoned, separated from friends,
  • buried alive,
  • injury, death,
  • falling down a vent, chasm, abyss,
  • hunted, pursued, toyed with, antagonized, terrorized,
  • imprisoned, trapped, abducted, hidden, forcibly confined,
  • starved, thirsty, dirty, exhausted,
  • mind plays tricks, insanity, going crazy, panicked, anxious,
  • flash flood, mud slide, rising tide, earth quake, lava flow, volcanic eruption, steam vent burst, geyser, cave in,



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