Around the world swirls the power of magic. Some know how to tap it, call it, or invoke, conjure, and summon its awesome forces. What magic spins through your narrative?

Undoubtedly, magic rules the fantasy genre. Create your own cool version of magic for your narrative or stick to classic interpretations from mythology or pop culture. These menus can help you detail out your spell casting, prestidigitation, invocation, evocation, necromancy, love magic, battle magic, bush magic, illusion, enchantment…. well, you get the idea.

Types of Magic

  • sorcery, magic, wizardry, spell casting, prestidigitation, witch craft,
  • deception, illusion, manipulation,
  • necromancy,
  • divination, augury, omens, prognostication, prophecy, foretelling, scrying, seeing, omniscience,
  • pyromancy, hydromancy, aeromancy,
  • alchemy, concoction, potion, substance, brewing,
  • conjuring, conjuration, legerdemain,
  • enchantment, charm, bless,
  • winter, ice, snow, frost, freezing,
  • time control, time freeze, time reverse,
  • mind control,
  • granting wishes,
  • gem or jewel magic: ruby, quartz, crystal, diamond, amethyst, amber, jade, aegirine, bloodstone,
  • stone, rock, mountain, hill,
  • possession, occupation, control, command, suggestion, emotion, urge, compulsion,
  • psychic, clairvoyance, ESP, telekinesis, telepathy, empathy,
  • high magic, low magic, major magic, minor magic,
  • simple magic, cantrip, parlour tricks, kids’ magic, acolyte,
  • base magic, bush magic, hedge magic, unrefined, raw, immature,
  • offensive, battle, combat, attack,
  • world magic, earth, elemental, nature,
  • animism, mysticism, shamanism,
  • religious magic, divine channeling,
  • color magic,
  • chaos, darkness, tragedy, anarchy, undead, demon, devil, curse, necromancy, death, pain, madness,
  • power can come from the sky: sky magic, celestial, star, moon, sun, night, day, planetary, galactic, cosmos,
  • animals can be a source of magical power: snake, eagle, raven, fox, coyote, wolverine, hawk, gopher, dragon, elephant, giraffe, 
  • magic can be named after objects of power: rune, card, dice, bone, string or cord, orb, staff, box, spell book, holy symbol,
  • magic can belong to a race or species: dwarf magic, elf craft, gnome tricks, giant strength, dragon,
  • magic power can be attached to emotion: anger, hatred, vengeance, wrath, love, compassion, lust, laughter, tears, carnal magic, sensual, lecherous, anguish, suffering,
  • magic can be derived from and affect the senses: touch, taste, smell, vision, hearing, ESP, danger, attraction, magnetic forces, see SENSE for more ideas
  • magic can be linked to a source: emotion, mana, earth, ley line, nexuses of power, carnal, celestial, the ether, astral, underworld, heavens, divinity, a channel of force, sacred site, the anguish of the weak, atmosphere,
  • certain places may hold great magical power: sacred site, burial ground, temple, shrine, tomb, mountain top, wonder of the world, a great obelisk, enchanted forest, (see LANDFORMS for more ideas)
  • magic can be a side effect of something else: radiation, a cyst, a tumor, an infection, a parasite, a possession, reincarnation, divine touch, curse, blessing, pain, insanity
  • natural impacts could loose magical powers on the world: cataclysm, asteroid, earthquake opening a rift, wormhole, 100 day storm, apocalypse, 

Magic Stuff, Things, Objects, Items…

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  • rings, strings, and other bling
  • necklaces, amulets,
  • horns, hooves, hair,
  • coins, swords, cups, wands,
  • bones, fingers, skulls, knuckles
  • the moon, the sun, planets, stars,
  • earth, wind, and fire… and water, and ash, and bark,
  • a bag of teeth,
  • trees, plants, flowers,
  • weather, lightning, storms, tornados,

Notes and Ideas on Magic in your Narrative

  • think about the mechanics in your magic:
    • what is required to cast a spell or use the magic
      • ritual, ceremony,
      • gesture, movement, dance, a wink,
      • ingredients, components, objects (see MAGIC MATERIALS);
      • chants, uttered words, commands,
      • tools (see MAGIC TOOLS)
    • where does the power come from;
    • how does one train or study;
    • what effect does it have on the user of the magic (see SIDE EFFECTS for all kinds of fun!);
    • how powerful is it;
    • how prevalent (common) is it in the world?
    • how does your world view magic;
      • is it accepted or ostracized?
      • is it morally or religiously persecuted?
      • is it legal or illegal?
      • is it controlled through some bureaucracy, registration, or licensing?
    • are there magic guilds or schools?
      • how do you get in (lottery, chosen, born into it, apprenticeship, pay to play, nobility)?
      • ceremonies or practices?

Magic Menu of Menus


  • Here’s a good blog that gives brief explanations of lots of types of magic: