The warm rays of the sun, the lush green of the plants, and the lovely buzzing of swarms of mosquitoes… the joys of summertime!

Summer Environments

  • beach, campground, picnic area,
  • park, spray park,
  • summer camp, getaways,
  • sprinkler, swimming pool,
  • lake, river, stream, pond, seaside, ocean, island, waterfall,
  • amusement park, festival grounds, circus, rodeo,
  • food truck, restaurant patio, street vendor, ice cream stand,
  • resort, hotel, inn, spa,
  • fishing lodge,
  • cabin, lodge, shack in the woods, hiker’s shelter, lean to,
  • balcony, patio, loft, deck, veranda, platform, porch, landing,
  • colonnade,
  • cruise ship, stern wheeler,
  • college quad, courtyard, garden,
  • fundraising event,
  • tornadoes, supercells, thunderstorms, lightning, hailstorm, squall,
  • heatwave, mugginess, humidity,
  • sunshine, overcast,

Summer Stuff

  • ice cream, popsicles, frozen yogurt,
  • tent,
  • fishing pole, net, fishing hooks, bait (worms, leeches, maggot, minnows)
  • tee shirts, tank top, polo shirt, muscle shirt, shirtless, halter top, tube top, mesh shirt,
  • shorts, short shorts, short short shorts,
  • swimming trunks, bathing suit, bikini,
  • cut offs, cargo shorts, golf pants,
  • capris, capri leggings, skirt, miniskirt, skort, gaucho pant, knickers, sundress, sarong, sari, yoga pants,
  • roller blades, sneakers, clogs, flipflops, water shoes,
  • “going commando,”
  • ball cap, Tilley, coulee hat, cowboy hat, sunhat,
  • sunscreen, tanning oil,
  • rowboat, canoe, paddle boat,
  • tan, sunburn, farmer’s tan,
  • golf, ball hockey, footy, soccer, rugby,
  • sport kit,
  • first aid kit,


  • street vendors, hawkers, peddlers,
  • street performers, juggler, busker, clown,
  • grounds keepers, lawn crews, parks and rec staff,
  • police on bicycles,
  • inline skaters, skateboarders, cyclists, old guy on a segway, joggers,
  • bird watchers, campers, hikers, mountain climbers,


  • summer problems to encounter: sunburn, mosquito bites, bee stings, heat rash, heat stroke, dehydration, thirst, swimmers’ itch, swimmers’ ear,
  • on a trip in the summertime, you go exploring in the woods… but you can’t find your way back!
  • at a street festival, one fine summer day, you visit a fortune teller’s tent… and you’re given a warning.
  • summer is a great time for a “roadtrip!”
  • out to watch fireworks you notice a stranger… who also notices you; in fact, they are watching you, but why?

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  • here is an outstanding list of hiking slang and jargon (with explanations) to put in your summer narrative if your characters are on the trail. Brilliant!