Cities, Towns, and Hamlets

From a tiny hamlet to a bustling metropolis, people gather in urban centers. What wild things are going on in your town tonight?

Types of urban centers…

  • city, metropolis, megalopolis, 
  • town, village, hamlet, settlement, railtown, sign post, 
  • bivouac, camp, tent city
  • keep, base, tower, outpost, post, fort, fortress
  • Western: pueblo, cattle town, one-horse town, dustbowl, 
  • citadel, castle, palace
  • ghost town, ancient city, ruins, relic, derelict,
  • terminus, station
  • kraal,
  • neighbourhood, suburb, ghetto, borough, ham, burgh
  • county-seat, municipal center
  • villa, mansion, estate, pavilion, plantation, ranch,
  • thorp
  • township center
  • parish, mission,
  • state center
  • quarter, district,
  • center
  • crossroads
  • community
  • stronghold, hideout
  • burrow
  • Sci-fi: mother ship, satellite, zone, sector
  • roost
  • trading post
  • farmstead, homestead
  • port
  • dorp


  • Suffixes for town names: -thorp, -ville, -ton, -town, -burg, -borough,
  • Prefixes for town names: New +, Cape+, Old+,
  • Towns are frequently named after people (ie. Joneshill, Vernvale, Fredville)
  • Town names can include landforms: Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Silver Downs, Mountainville, Greenlake, Greenwood, Greenhill,