Ships, Boats, and Water Vessels

When you come to water, you can swim…. or you can hop aboard a floaty thingy! Check out these ideas for some water adventure!

Row, row, row your boat… into adventure!

Types of Ships, Boats, and Water Vessels

  • ship, boat, vessel, barge, craft,
  • frigate, galleon, clipper, schooner, yacht, man-o-war, warship, shallop, xebec, galley, roundship,
  • longship, drakar, knorr, karv
  • bark/barque, barkentine, brig, brigantine, barge,
  • cutter, cruiser, carrack, caravel,
  • sailboat, tender, ketch,
  • prison ship, slaver,
  • merchant ship, trade ship, freighter, cargo ship, fluyte,
  • cabin cruiser,
  • catboat,
  • funeral barge, corpse ship, ghost ship, haunted ship, caravel of death
  • garbage barge, salvage tug,
  • tug boat, harbor tug,
  • canoe, kayak, birch-bark canoe, reed boat, canvas canoe, Montreal canoe,
  • paddle boat,
  • gondola, houseboat, budgerow,
  • longboat,
  • skiff, dinghy, tub, scow, raft, dory, bark, bateau, launch, ketch,
  • sloop, yawl,
  • catamaran, tri-hull, twin hull
  • stern-wheeler, paddle-wheel,
  • flat top, barge, raft,
  • dredge, mining boat,
  • scull, rowboat,
  • derelict, hulk,
  • power boat, jet boat,
  • deck boat, houseboat, pontoon boat,
  • bay boat,
  • bass boat, fishing boat, drifter, trawler, factory ship, whaler, squid jigger,
  • pirogue,
  • punt boat, canal boat, river barge, gondola, narrowboat,
  • steamship,
  • cable ferry, ferryboat,
  • runabout, bow rider, ski boat, wakeboard boat, center console, cuddy boat, ship’s tender, walkaround, hydrofoil,
  • dugout, canoe, reed boat,
  • sampan, parao (paraw),
  • research vessel,
  • ALSO: airship, dirigible, spaceship, starship

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