Throwy, Flingy Weapons

A little knife can down a hulking attacker if thrown just so. Ready… aim… and hurl away!

Throwy Flingy Weapons Menu

  • bola, tangle rope, weighted chain,
  • dragon beard hook, grappling hook,
  • hand dart, throwing dart,
  • javelin, spear,
  • iron spike,
  • sharp rock, iron stone,
  • throwing axe, tomahawk, francisca,
  • throwing knife, dagger, African throwing knife (multi-bladed),
  • throwing hammer,
  • sling, staff sling,
  • atlatl,
  • boomerang,
  • chakram, throwing ring, chalikar, war-quoit, Frisbee, metal disc,
  • shuriken,
  • spiked ball,
  • grenade, molotov cocktail, clay bottle of oil, bomb,
  • harpoon, barbed shaft,
  • grappling hook,
  • kukri,
  • whip, chain whip,
  • see SNEAKY TRICKY WEAPONS for ideas on improvised things you can throw or hurl!