When an adventure is too easy, just lead the characters into a crypt. Fill it with secrets, spirits, magic, and undead and your narrative has new life… from death. Cool, eh?

Crypt Environment

  • city, town center, village fringe, monastery, retreat, sanctuary, shrine,
  • cemetery, graveyard, barrow, ancient burial site,
  • castle, manor, old family plantation, wing of a catacomb,
  • on a hill, in a cliff side, on top of a mountain, in a valley, behind a waterfall,
  • hidden in a hedge, briar, bush, wood,
  • under a temple, beneath a shrine,
  • remote, lonely, abandoned, derelict, estranged,
  • celebrated, honoured, revered,
  • broken, raided, robbed,
  • possessed, eerie,
  • floating in the sky, wooden crypt in forest canopy, extraplanar, tesseract,

Stuff in a Crypt

  • sarcophagus shelf skulls bones
  • a carved femur statue urns ashes
  • holy symbol staff carvings idols, painted eggs, dyed feathers, dried leaves, dried flowers, salted fish, a big salami, glass ornaments, sealed wine, cheese, bread, 
  • putrid meat a zealot heraldry tapestries
  • scrolls, documents coins, notes, gems, jewels, shrunken heads, tapestry, 
  • secret trapdoor, words of warning, animated statue, 
  • maggots, thick dust, seeping mud, ooze, goo, rot
  • spider webs, dead bugs, skeleton of a rat,
  • chess set, marbles, pair of dice, deck of cards
  • necklace of teeth, locks of hair, small jar of tears, straw doll, pair of baby shoes, wax figurine, onyx statuette
  • magic wand, legendary sword, gem of immeasurable value, cursed ring, strange pulsating orb,
  • snakes, mice, vermin, spiders, beetles, rats, scorpions, a crazy wolverine,

Characters in a Crypt

  • undead, mummy, zombie, skeleton, vampire, lych, undead lord, wight, ghoul, ghost, poltergeist,
  • banshee, hag, witch, horror, nightmare, fright, boogeyman,
  • raiding party, bandits, thieves, brigands, grave robbers,
  • family of the dead, mourners, funeral party,
  • masons, repairmen, artists, stone carvers, artisans, three dudes painting a cool fresco, scribe, schrimpschonger, goldsmith, metalworker,
  • slaves, servants, underlings, minions, peons,
  • detective, investigator, witch hunter, physician,
  • cleaner, maintenance crew, caretaker,
  • necromancer, dark sorcerer, evil wizard, exorcist, demon hunter, medium, communer or the dead,
  • demon, devil, angel, death, reaper, guardian, diva, the fates,
  • animated statue, golem, construct, doppelganger, cryptmaid,
  • dire beast, giant vermin,
  • lost miners who tunneled here accidentally,


  • A strange ceremony of resurrection is taking place over a body. What will rise? (a horror story, of course)
  • A very moving ceremony is interrupted by a heartless overlord who demands the jewelry from the body or the family crypt will be burned.
  • A ruthless band of thugs has raided a number of crypts and must be hunted down and brought to justice.
  • The crypt is only a facade, as a secret passage is discovered leading to a terrible malevolence deep beneath the city.
  • There is legend of a crypt full of riches, but it lies at the end of a perilous journey cross desert and mountain. Is it worth it? Is it even true?
  • One of your character’s friends has been buried alive in a secret crypt by a loan shark they owed money to. You have only a day to find them and save them from a terrible fate!