Besides your sweetheart, what lights up your life? Is it the sun or the glow of a candle? Brave the dark… with a light!

Natural lights

  • sunshine, sun rays, sun beams, shine, shafts of light, reflected sun
  • morning light, dawn, twilight, sunrise, daybreak, first light, morning sun, emergence, opening light of day,
  • evening light, dusk, sundown, twilight, nightfall, sundown, day’s end, closing of the day, the darking veil,
  • half-light, semidarkness, waning,
  • gloom, dimness, darkness, night, midnight,
  • moonlight, starlight,
  • fireflies, glow worms, iridescent lichen, moss, creatures
  • forest fires, lightning
  • dragon breath, glowing eyes,

Windows or Openings

  • open window
  • pane of glass, shutters, patterns, filters,
  • textured glass, stained glass, painted glass,

Fabricated Lights

  • fire, hearth fire, bonfire, campfire, fire pit, kindling fire, blaze, coal bed,
  • brazier, barbecue, hibachi, fireplace, fire pan, firebox, furnace, scuttle, hod, vat, cauldron, pot, stove, grate, chimney, ingle, broiler, roaster, griddle, spit, grill, burner, bellows
  • torch, firebrand,
    • lit stick, oiled rag, juggling torch, liturgical torch, paraffin torch tiki torch,
    • sulfur and lime torch (waterproof!),
    • burlap, gunnysack, or hessian wax torch
    • kerosene wick torch, alchemical torch,
    • wall torch, staff torch, pole torch, statuette torch holders
    • wooden, iron,
  • oil lamp,
  • brand, branding iron, glowing metal, heated metal,
  • candle, tallow, candle stick
  • lantern, lanthorn (archaic),
    • hooded, shaded, shadow, patterned, silhouetted, bulls-eye, focused, colored,
    • ship’s lantern, miners lamp, signal lantern
    • lantern materials:
      • silk, paper, gauze, hide, animal skin, glass, stained glass, mica,
      • frames of wood, bamboo, iron, stone, concrete, horn, bone, skull,
      • floating, hanging, mounted, free standing, pole, carried, flying,
      • candle, tallow, oil, wick, mantles, gas,
  • lamp, street lamp,
  • chandelier, dome light, accent light, sconce, socket, fixture, floodlight, footlight, gooseneck lamp, recessed light, hanging lamp,
  • lighthouse,
  • firefly, glowworm trap,
    • candle, taper, tallow stick, wick, candelabra, tea light,
    • torch, pole torch, burning oil, pitch, tar
    • lantern, bullseye lantern, baffled lantern, ship’s lantern, miner’s lamp, Argand lamp, gravity lamp
    • chandelier, lamp, clay oil lamp, floor lamp, wall sconce, table lamp, crystal lamp, bronze oil lamp
    • lights can be:
      • hung, held, rigged, battoned, suspended, cantilevered, braced,
    • streetlamp, light post, light pole, washlight,
    • bonfire, firepit, embers, hearth, fireplace, coals, campfire,
    • pyre, watchfire, signal light, flare, warning sign,
    • sulphur & lime, whale oil, coal oil, pitch,
    • prism

Magical Lights

  • light spell, glow spell, magic aura spell,
  • magical aura in an area, on an object, on a person
  • magic staff, wand, orb, amulet,
  • magic circle, magic word,
  • enchanted weapon, object, person
  • undead auras, ghost lights
  • magical lights can:
    • be cast on beans, marbles, staves, poles, sticks, weapons, animals, rocks, butterflies, wires, ceilings, walls, floors, tombs, swords, stones, lamps and lanterns (of course), gem, necklace, skull, turtle shell, liquids, the fat belly of a drunk man, a finger, etc.
    • pulse, blink, flash, strobe, endure, stretch, focus, flood, wash, dance, dazzle, swirl, beam,
    • be intense, faint, blue, red, warm, cool, multicolored, directed, focused, narrowed