Animals interact with humans in unique ways. Some, as pets, are part of the family; others, like mosquitoes, dine on us. What animal characters will you meet on an adventure?

General Menu of Animals

  • elephant, rhino, giraffe, zebra,
  • dog, canine, wolf,
  • cat, panther, feline,
  • badger, wolverine,
  • bear, grizzly, polar bear, panda bear, teddy bear,
  • cow, bovine, calf, ox, yak, buffalo,
  • dinosaur, tyrannosaurus, triceratops, stegosaurus,
  • lizard, newt, salamander,
  • frog, toad,
  • aardvark (and it’s pirate cousin, the Aaaaaaaardvark)
  • reptile, alligator, crocodile,
  • insect, bug, fly, mosquito, dragonfly,
  • beetle, grasshopper, cricket, lice,
  • ants, termites, red ants,
  • fish, crab, lobster, squid, octopus,
  • snake, viper, cobra,
  • butterfly, moth,
  • arachnid, spider,
  • whale, dolphin,
  • worm,
  • caterpillar,
  • horses: palomino, paint, Arabian, Appaloosa, mustang,
  • donkey, mule, ass, burro,
  • farm animals: chicken, goose, duck, turkey, pig, sheep, lamb, pony,
  • birds: sparrow, swallow, wren, nuthatch, warbler, bluejay, chickadee,
  • raptors: hawk, eagle,
  • great horned owl,

Animal Types and Categories

  • herbivore, carnivore, omnivore,
  • biped,
  • nocturnal, diurnal,
  • mammal,
  • aquatic animals, sea creatures, freshwater fish,
  • tree canopy dwellers,
  • creepy crawlies,
  • vermin, rodents,
  • swine,
  • hexapods, arthropod,

Animal Parts

Just grab a random few of these and, voila! you have a new fantastical animal!

  • skin, fur, hair, scales,
  • thorax, abdomen, segmented body,
  • exoskeleton,
  • legs, no legs, two legs, four legs, six legs, eight legs, a hundred legs, thirteen legs (very bad luck… especially when dancing), a hollow leg,
  • antennae, proboscis,
  • arms, tentacles, cilia, flagella,
  • fangs, teeth, jaws, mandibles,
  • wings, feathers,
  • fins,
  • paws, hooves,

Animal Stages

  • egg,
  • gestation,
  • pupa, larva,
  • cocoon,
  • young,
  • adolescent,
  • adult,
  • mature,
  • old,
  • ancient,
  • catharsis, metamorphosis, transformation,

Notes and Idea

  • you can make any animal a monster by adding some of these words to their names:
    • giant, mammoth, behemoth, gargantuan, towering, monstrous,
    • dire, fiendish, devilish, hell-raised, fierce, demon-born,
    • formidable, terrible, malevolent,
    • mutant, deformed, toxic, mutated,
    • half human ______________, humanoid _____________,
    • brain-sucking, face-eating, flesh-melting,
    • carnivorous, deadly,
    • infected, rabid, diseased, contagious,
    • undead, cadaverous, decayed,
    • parasite, parasitic,
    • poisonous, burrowing,
    • carrion,