Wind your way up a circular stairway or tumble down steep earthen steps. Stairs can help or hinder in your adventure. What step will your characters take?

  • ladder, rope ladder, fire pole,
  • curved stairway, circular stairwell, spiral staircase, helical,
  • stair step, rise and run, stair flight, landing,
  • slope, pitch, rake:
    • shallow, gentle,
    • steep, imposing, abrupt, intimidating,
  • marble, wood, plank, energy, stone, flagstone, cobblestone, carpet, linoleum, hardwood, rock, sandstone, earthen, steel, iron, parquet, tile, mosaic tile,
  • carved, chipped, chiseled,
  • formed, cast, poured
  • constructed, built, reinforced, slapped together, jimmied,
  • wide, sweeping, majestic, royal, palatial, welcoming,
  • narrow, confining, tight,
  • flared staircase, tapered steps, conical stairs, arching stairway,
  • landing, platform, level, balcony, dais, stage,¬†scaffolding,
  • escalator, moving stairs, conveyor,
  • external stairs, service stairway,
  • blocks, risers,
  • stacked stones, books, rubble, garbage, corpses, furniture, tires,
  • alternating tread stair, floating stairway, cantilevered stairs,
  • fire escape, drop down stairs, telescoping ladder stairs,
  • banister, railing, rail, spindles, balustrade, handrail
  • stairway, staircase, stairwell, stair hall, stairwell tower,
  • temporary stair, jobs site stair,
  • step, stair, tread, nosing, riser, winder, stringer, trim, bullnose, molding, easing, newel post, finial, joists, spandrel, headroom,
  • assisted stair lift,
  • alternatives?¬†rope, pole, spring, trampoline, slide, elevator, lift, teleportation device, animal ride, trolley, inclined railway, chairlift, towrope, helicopter, dumbwaiter, get a boost from a buddy,

Stairs can be

  • trapped, tricked, snared, rigged, jimmied
  • rotten, decayed, old, derelict, decrepit,
  • broken, splintered, worn, aged,
  • steep, dangerous, precarious, perilous
  • safe, majestic, solid, ageless, permanent, enduring,
  • elaborate, ornate, patterned, inlaid, designed,
  • fabulous, elegant, beautiful,
  • engraved, adorned, painted, carved, etched,
  • illusions, fake, mirage, magic trick, dweomer,


  • assistant, servant, helper, butler,
  • troll, bogeyman, trickster, ogre,


  • carpet, rug, runner,
  • slide trap, collapsing trap, other traps
  • grips, slip resistant coating,
  • dust, dirt, mud, muck,


  • Narrow stairs down in the back of a closet lead to a realm rife with evil.
  • A set of mysterious stairs up can lead to a strange portal to another world.
  • Something malevolent could live underneath some stairs in an old house. Or at the top of the stairs. Or the bottom. Or in a picture hanging on the wall halfway up.
  • A ghost wanders forever up and down the stairs of an old castle; solve its mystery to release it from the purgatory it suffers.
  • Think of the possibilities of a closet door beneath a staircase, especially if it has been locked for a century with a skeleton key of intricate design.
  • Some magical trick stairs… once you get on them, they go on forever.