Choppy, Hacky Weapons

Sometimes you just need the weight of a heavy-headed axe to cleave through wood… or goblins. Chop away!

Axes and Picks General Menu

  • battle axe, war axe
  • broadaxe,
  • bearded axe,
  • pole axe, long axe, two-handed axe

    A battle axe... won't be new and shiny for long.
    A battle axe… won’t be new and shiny for long.
  • falchion (a sword, but heavy and “hacky” in nature), machete, heavy cleaver, bone cleaver, ogre cleaver,
  • handaxe, hatchet,
  • tomahawk, atlatl, double-bit throwing axe,
  • war pick
  • felling axe, woodsman’s axe, lumberjack axe,
  • carpenter’s axe, farmer’s axe,
  • log-splitting maul, splitting axe,
  • hunters axe, forest axe, forest hatchet
  • double-sided axe,
  • carving axe
  • firefighters axe,
  • splitting wedge,
  • fasces, symbolic axe, dress axe, title axe,
  • holy axe, axe of power,
  • voulge, glaive (link to more long polearms)
  • scythe, sickle
  • sparth axe,

Axe parts

  • haft, handle, stock, shoulder,
  • axehead,
    • poll, butt, cheek,
    • bit, sharpened edge
    • lip, lug, eye,
    • beard, hook,┬áhorn, lip, spike,
  • shapes of axe heads
    • convex, full flat, scandy, chisel, hollow
  • axe materials
    • handles are
      • wood
        • ash
      • metal
    • heads are metal,
      • iron, bronze,
      • stone, crystal, alloys, hardwood, rock,

Stuff about Axes

  • sharpening stone