Light and Dark

The amount and quality of light shapes mood and atmosphere and evokes feelings, associations, and memories; it can also hide or reveal things, secrets sometimes better left undisturbed…

Light and Dark Menu

  • fire, flame, illumination, luminaire, fixture, instrument, bulb
  • glow, flicker, shimmer, shine,
  • radiance, brilliance, burning, flash,
  • candle, taper, tallow stick, wick, candelabra, tea light,
  • torch, pole torch, burning oil, pitch, tar
  • lantern, bullseye lantern, baffled lantern, ship’s lantern, miner’s lamp, Argand lamp, gravity lamp (link to Lights menu in Stuff)
  • chandelier, lamp, clay oil lamp, floor lamp, wall sconce, table lamp, crystal lamp, bronze oil lamp
  • lights can be:
    • hung, held, rigged, battoned, baffled,
    • softened, reflected,
  • streetlamp, light post, light pole, washlight,
  • bonfire, firepit, embers, hearth, fireplace, coals, campfire,
  • pyre, watchfire, signal light, flare, warning sign,
  • sulphur & lime, whale oil, coal oil, pitch,
  • directional light, spotlight, focal light,
  • lightning, sheet lightning, streak, bolt, branch, snap, flash, sparkle, dance,
  • sunlight, moonlight, starlight, sunset, sunrise, night black, midnight black, eclipse,
  • daylight, haze, overcast, bright, sunny,
  • moonlight, quarter moon, gibbous moon, half moon, waning, waxing, crescent moon, double moon, blue moon
  • cold, cool, warm, blue, red, white, black, tawny,
  • pitch black sparkly smoky fading  waxing waning receding approaching
  • falling rising intense weak streaky shadow back light flame flickering strong strobing blue red grey yellow
  • filtered, blocked, deep, shallow, winsome, growing, shrinking, distant,
  • pinpoint, focused, blinding, radiant, overhead,
  • fractured golden sliver finger white light blackness blackout jet black dazzling muted bland lifeless
  • illuminating gleaming shiny radiant lustrous blazing glaring floodlight soft pale harsh garish dull blurred
  • magical,
  • ray, beam ,effulgence,
  • twilight, dusk, dawn,
  • natural, artificial,
  • sickly, pale, wan, fading, pallid, gray, dim, faint, weak, feeble,
  • monochrome, colorful
  • obscured, clear, clean, pastel, neon, metallic, subtle, blanched, insipid, flat, dynamic, drab, anemic,
  • gentle, harsh, dazzling, fabulous, prismatic, chromatic, mesmerizing, wispy,
  • eternal flame, everlasting fire,
  • tungsten, flourescent,
  • flashlight, flashbulb,
  • slanted, diffused, tired, energetic, feeble, delicate, subdued, vigorous, robust, powerful, obscured,
  • refracted, corrupted, bent, twisted,
  • enduring, dim, bright,  filtered,  mottled,  speckled, iridescent, faint, reflected, brilliant, hazy, murky, translucent, lackluster, dry,
  • night time, midnight, the witching hour,


  • measures of light: foot candles, lux, lumens, Kelvin
  • symbolism of light: life, hope, future, youth, energy, positivity, endurance,
  • symbolism of darkness: serenity, the end, hopelessness, peace, the unknown, fear, death

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