Use Magic

Your character uses magic… but how do they do it? Do they dance, shout, wave a baton, pray, or sing? Or is it something else entirely?

Magic Moves

  • gesture, motion, gesticulate, genuflect, mime,
  • wink, nod, dip, shrug, shake,
  • signal, sign,
  • boil, cook, bake, cure,
  • prepare, set,
  • bow, salute, curtsy,
  • wave, brandish, swing,
  • throw, toss, fling, hurl,
  • consume, eat, insert, envelop
  • drink, imbibe,
  • touch, contact, strike, slap,
  • immerse, submerse, drown, drench,
  • sing, chant, wail,
  • shout, yell, command,
  • initiate, begin, start, fire up, ignite,
  • invoke, conjure, summon, abjure, urge, exorcise, rouse, call forth, enjoin, rally, convoke, muster, beckon, coax,
  • read, augur, interpret,
  • speak, say, iterate, verbalize, state, utter,
  • pray, beseech, implore, ask, beg, press, supplicate, nag, solicit, entreat, obsecrate, petition,
  • pledge, consummate, make a covenant, promise, swear, toast, vow, confirm, guarantee, aver, attest, affirm, declare,
  • undulate, gyrate, vibrate, pulsate,
  • play (an instrument), strum, ring, beat, drum,
  • strike, hit, pound,
  • time conditions:
    • during a full moon, half moon, crone moon, gibbous moon, third moon, blue moon, noon moon,
    • solstice, equinox, November,
    • morning, dawn, on a misty daybreak,
    • twilight, sundown, day’s end,
    • during the apocalypse,
  • when angry, joyous, melancholic,
  • during battle, after a death, after a birth, during a birth, during a final breath,

Magical Result Actions

  • float, levitate, rise, fly, launch, alight, lift,
  • disappear, go invisible, shimmer, blink out
  • travel astrally, teleport, blink, bend space,
  • time travel, bend time, fast forward, reverse time, rewind,
  • burst, explode, expel, ejaculate,
  • force, push, pound, thump,
  • enchant, fascinate, bewitch, charm, ensorcel,
  • confound, confuse,
  • stun, shock, petrify, frighten,
  • expel, cast out, exorcise, direct, disperse, turn, divide, scatter, free,
  • calm, soothe, nurture, soften, befriend,
  • warn, notify,
  • see, scry, understand, know, envision, comprehend,
  • cancel, counter, dispell, repel,
  • identify, call out, point out, reveal, discover, uncover, unearth,
  • curse, bless, impart, impute,
  • create, materialize, make corporeal,
  • call forth, summon, draw, bring, evoke, elicit,

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