Unsavory Characters

Not everyone chooses a path of enlightenment and goodness. Some choose darker directions. Ah, the richness of human diversity.

Unsavory Characters Menu

  • riff-raff, ragamuffin, ne’er-do-well,
  • ruffian, thug, miscreant,
  • scrapper, brawler, bar fighter, sh– disturber, ball breaker,
  • hitman, assassin, tough guy, “the muscle,”
  • criminal, thief, burglar, brigand, highwayman, robber,
  • king pin, pimp,
  • hustler, cheater, scammer, shyster,
  • hawker, charlatan, “used car salesman,” shady realtor,
  • lawyer, ambulance chaser,
  • reporter, paparozzi,
  • dirty cop, crooked soldier, malicious military officer,
  • organized crime member: biker, mafioso, yakuza, cartel,
  • drifter, hitchhiker, bum, wanderer, squatter, freeloader, panhandler,
  • aggressive drunk, slobbering alcoholic, belligerent wino,
  • cheating spouse, abusive husband,
  • bigot, racist, race hater, segregationist,
  • ignorant fool, blind fool, naive fool, the foolhardy,
  • loudmouth, braggart,
  • spoiled brat, helicopter parent, meddling mother, overbearing relative,
  • bully, mean girls, queen bees, obscene boys,
  • therapist with a private agenda,
  • pervert, pedophile,
  • evil small town mayor, dastardly plotter,
  • turned priest, fallen holy knight, devious angel,
  • rude customer, lascivious guest,
  • lewd street gang,
  • assertive salesperson, aloof clerk,
  • corner-cutting tradesman,

Descriptions and Traits of the Unsavoury…

  • unethical, morally deficient,
  • backward, twisted, crooked,
  • nasty, mean, evil, malicious, dastardly,
  • selfish, psychotic, sociopathic, antisocial,
  • spiteful, hotheaded,
  • devious, sneaky, tricky, sly, coy,
  • bitter, covetous, jealous, quick to anger,
  • cunning, sly, witty, creatively devious,
  • may use spells like teleporting (good for robberies), invisibility (good for robberies), charm (good for robberies),

Things about Unsavory Characters

  • may have moving and troubling backstories, you know, the “luvable misfit”
  • have had bad experiences with institutions and authority
  • mommy and daddy issues, self-loathing, resentment, bitterness, seething anger, jealousy, envy,
  • might be a little insane (check out: Sanity)

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