Magic Items

Magic can be brought to bear in a number of ways. The tools used are greatly varied, some with extreme power, others able to bring forth but a frothy dribble. What tools will your narrative use?

Magic Tools Menu

  • wand, staff, scepter, cane, stick, rod, pole, baton, mace,
  • amulet, gem, jewel, stone,
  • ring, bracelet, anklet, toe-ring, earring, nose ring, stud,
  • brooch, clasp, pin, clip, fibula, buckle,
  • jewelry, chain, necklace,
  • weapon: dagger, mace, legendary great sword, axe, knife, quarter staff, club, cudgel, whale bone spike, bow, quiver of arrows,
  • mask, robe, cloak, cowl, gloves,
  • costume (like a superhero, but magical!), outfit, suit,
  • jock strap, underwear,
  • armour, bracers, gauntlets, helm, breastplate,
  • book, spell book, scroll, journal, tome, volume, tapestry, embroidered rag, printed tea towel, manuscript,
  • painting, fresco, circle, mural, mosaic, inlay, embossing, graffiti, street art,
  • sigil, sign, standard, emblem, ensignia,
  • runes, writing, script,
  • tattoo, cutting, piercing, body art, inserts,
  • stretched, adulterated, manipulated, or shrunken body parts
  • ironic sources of power: shackles, chains, ball and chain, rope, leash and collar, crown of thorns, items of penance, straight jacket, heavy rock, “burden”,
  • immobile sources of power : temple, shrine, circle, hut, hovel, home, (go to homes, abodes, living spaces for more) berm, hillock, barrow, mountaintop, mound, castle, fortification, cemetery, mausoleum, crypt,
  • marbles, beans, Cheerios, beads, peas,
  • sphere, prism, dodecahedron,
  • preserves, pickles, jellies, jams,
  • dried stuff – meat, cheese, leaves, bark,
  • tobacco pipe, pipe weed, snuff box,
  • fire & lighttorches, lamp, lantern, braziers, cups, fire pits, ember, everflame, candle, match, brimstone,
  • darkness, shrouds, shades, veils, cloaks,
  • incense, aromatics, smoke, pipes,
  • cauldron (of course), dutch oven, frying pan, pot,
  • broomstick, instant boat, flying carpet,
  • stone, gem, rock, pebble, garnet, ruby, carbuncle, diamond, shaped jade, amethyst, polished onyx, obsidian, petrified wood, fossilized eyeball, prism, sphere, amber,
  • elements of the ancestors, heirloom, hand-me-down, family book, skulls of ancestors on a staff, grandfather’s ceremonial robe
  • knuckle bones in a bag, ashes in urn, vial, box,
  • crown, headdress, jewel, ring, stone, amulet,
  • photograph, painting, etching, sketch, sketchbook, paint brush, paints,
  • glass, mirror, telescope, magnifying glass, spectacles, monocle,
  • stone scepter, magic pebble, carved rock face,
  • rhododendron, pine needles, branch, sprig of pussy willows,
  • tobacco of invisibility, weed of seeing,
  • musical instrument, flute, mandolin, whistle, horn, haunted organ, cursed violin,


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