Planes of Existence

What swirling mass do we live in? Where does it begin and end, and what lies beyond? Dimensions and layers and pockets and spheres… so much narrative possibility.

Let’s face it… we’re all just tiny specks in the infinite scope of the universe(s) around us. As a roleplayer, writer, or artist that means we have nothing inhibiting our imagination regarding the kinds of worlds we can create with their twisted physics, chemistry, biology, spirituality, or philosophy. Take a look at the ideas on this page for stretching the logic of the world as we know it. Open a gate or teleport to a brand new world with its own set of rules! Enjoy!

Planes of Existence

  • the real world, physical realm, reality, material world,
  • negative plane, hate, opposite, antagonism,
  • blackhole, darkness, oppressive, implosion,
  • spirit realm,
  • the afterlife, purgatory,
  • Valhalla, Heaven, Paradise, Summerland, Devachan, Nirvana, idyllic state,
  • Hell, Hades, the Seven Hells,
  • shadow world, dark realm, plane of perpetual darkness, land of the lighteater,
  • dreamscape, sleepscape, subconscious, dreamworld, nightmare realm, trance state,
  • ethereal world, astral realm, cosmic dimension,
  • nothingness, blankness, emptiness, the great void,
  • parallel universe, alternate timeline,
  • protoplasm, aboriginal, primal, root, Big Bang,
  • celestial, skyworld,
  • divine realm, Mt. Olympus, gods’ world,
  • mental plane, thought realm,
  • positive plane, unity plane, oneness, harmony, balance, logoic plane, monadic plane,
  • emotional plane, love, wrath,
  • lust, erotic plane, passion, conception, orgy, fornication,
  • swirling mass, primordial swamp, festering pool,
  • other dimensional realms can also belong to specific groups: sprite world, kingdom of giants, spider queen’s realm, draconic dimension,
  • elastic realm,
  • barren world, lifeless dimension,
  • elements: earth, water, wind, air, fire, flame, darkness, light, cold, warmth, acid, energy, electricity,
  • seasons: wintertime, summerland, fall realm, autumn’s world, perpetual spring, world of rains, wet, dry, storm world,
  • planes of fey, faerie realm,
  • fairytale world, cartoonland,
  • realm of battle, warworld,
  • magic dimension, wizard world,

Ways to Travel between Dimensions

  • gate, doorway, magic portal, spiritual passage,
  • birth, death, rebirth, resurrection, reincarnation,
  • object of power, glass, gem, orb, sphere, horn,
  • symbol, sigil, runes,
  • ritual, rite, prayer, action, performance, sacrifice,
  • violent death, peaceful death, sacrificial death, death by immolation,
  • strings, strands, belts, coils, chains, rope,
  • light, ray, force, beam,
  • wormhole, channel, torrent,
  • cross a river, bridge, crossroads, ferry,
  • dig down real deep, climb a tall ladder,
  • potion, elixir,

How things can be Different in other Planes

  • physics, speed,
  • time passes slowly, quickly, not at all,
  • chemistry,
  • lifeforms, biology, animals, creatures, mutations, aberrations, shifts,
  • intelligence,
  • technology, development, progress,
  • society, politics, economics, diplomacy, power, influence, control, wealth, social structure,
  • color, light, texture,
  • sound,
  • magic, powers, energy, forces,

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