Carts, Wagons, and ol’ skool transport

In a fantasy or western narratives, you’ll find yourself bumping along on (or under) some of these contraptions. Well… let’s roll.

Carts and Wagons

  • cart, Red River cart, ox cart, handcart, pushcart, dolly,
  • vendor’s cart, vending cart, food cart, costermonger barrow,
  • wagon, covered wagon, chuckwagon,
  • truck, tumbrel, tumbril,
  • wheelbarrow, garden wagon,
  • carriage, coach, horse and buggy,
  • wheel-less carriages: litter, sedan chair, palanquin,
  • chariot, curricle, buggy,
  • war wagon, battle wagon, armoured wagon,
  • bicycle, tricycle, unicycle,
  • jail wagon, paddy wagon, prison cart,
  • flatbed wagon, freight wagon, dray,

Cart and Wagon Parts

  • wheels, spokes, rims,
  • axle,
  • grease, oil, fat,
  • pegs, nails, screws,
  • lashes, ties, twine, rope, cord, wire, cable,
  • bonnet,
  • jockey box, luggage rack,

Stuff on Carts and Wagons

  • kegs, barrels, tubs,
  • boxes, crates,
  • bundles, packages, parcels,
  • chests, cases, trunks,
  • dirt, manure, soil, earth, rocks, stones,
  • barrels of fish, baskets of fowl,
  • sacks of grain, bushels of corn,


  • seller, vendor, monger, hawker, peddler, salesman, merchant,
  • farmer, grocer, rancher,
  • traveler, adventurer,
  • minstrel, band, musician, magician, jester, actors’ troupe,
  • wig salesman, toupee fitter,
  • tailor, seamstress, haberdasher,
  • things pulling carts: horses, oxen, cattle, mules, dogs,
  • teamster, drayman, freighter,
  • dockhand,

Notes and Ideas

  • cart axles can break, wheels can come loose, spokes can break,
  • wagons get stuck in ruts, stopped at rivers and bogs and swamps,
  • wagons get on ferries to cross rivers and use bridges which can create some interesting encounters for adventurers,
  • as a general point of reference, a freight cart pulled by oxen could travel about 15-20 miles in a day.