Robots & Constructs

Sometimes a character is built by others, born through magic, a divine act, wild mutations, or calculating science. Have at it, Dr. Frankenstein!


  • golem, automaton, creation, abomination, grotesque, animation,
  • clay beast, earthenbeast, animated walker, stonebeing,
  • animated statue,
  • possessed object, mimic, sentient wall,
  • living floor, ceiling, wall, doorway (great for a surprise trap!),
  • guardian, sentinel being, commanded guard,
  • living rock, living net, sentient sword,
  • cave construct, rock being, cavern sentinel,
  • robot, mechanical trinket, mech,
  • cyborg, artificial human, half-machine, android,
  • self-learning computer, sentient machine, living half-mind,
  • cybernetic organism, cerebral-robotic system, symbiotic-mech, robo-sentient, auto-sentient, sentient mech,
  • bionic humanoid, electronic-flesh synergistic operational being (EFSOB),
  • dynamic hybrid organism,
  • nanobot, microscopic artificial lifeform, milliborg,
  • animated fungus,
  • microscopic artificial sentient explorer (MASE Unit),


  • metallic, iron, titanium, bronze, steel, copper, silver, gold, gold-plated, gilded, edged,  wooden, ash, ebony, clay, earthen, stone, bone, tusk, ivory,  pearl,  gem-inlaid, bejeweled, rock,
  • glistening, shiny, smooth, clean, brand new, coarse, rough, burnished, polished, scuffed, worn, tarnished, oxidized, corroded, rusted, oily, greasy, grimy, old, creaky,
  • violent, aggressive, demanding, adamant, belligerent, rough, unemotional, kindly, soft, gentle, brazen, bold, single-minded, unthinking, trained, imperturbable, possessed, stoic, unflappable,
  • towering, massive, imposing, commanding, solid, strong,
  • silent, quiet, mute, monotone, verbose, limited vocabulary, nattering, muttering, issues a simple warning, full vocabulary, speaks 1100 languages,

Construct, Robot, or Golem Purposes

These things can be designed for any purpose, but it’s a good idea if you know exactly for what the constructs in your narrative are built. Try some of these ideas…

  • military, assault, attack, SWAT, terror, defense, perimeter protection,
  • guard, sentinel, sentry,
  • police, protection,
  • systems control, analysis, calculations, probability,
  • science, studies, lab work, lab testing,
  • work, labor, factory work, mining, heavy lifting,
  • dangerous tasks, safety, firefighting, rescue, dangerous goods retrieval,
  • extreme conditions survival, arctic missions, space exploration, underwater delving, deep earth excursions,
  • bomb detection, demolition, bomb squad,

Story Concepts or Developments

  • disable a rogue robot (invention, automaton, cyborg, etc.) threatening the safety of the city
  • a magically animated guardian beast guards the entrance to an ancient evil castle rumoured to hold great treasures and fortune; can you defeat it and find out what truly lies inside?
  • a mind-linked construct has been prepared to go on a  dangerous but crucial mission to save humankind, and you are selected to operate it. Problem is… it is highly experimental and no one knows the side effects the operator of this “machine” will suffer by putting on the neural helmet and strapping on the link-suit.

Notes and Ideas

  • come up with some cool acronyms for your constructs and robots by using technical jargon… you can see some examples in the menus above.
  • some constructs will have simple fairly automatic tasks requiring small spells or CPUs to operate; others will be fully sentient with their own intelligence and possibly even emotions but these would be highly advanced, involved, and expensive — not to mention difficult — to create… so, make sure your backstory for your constructs are thought through!