Slashy, Pokey Weapons

When you’re in a battle, you want to have the edge. That’s why you grab a sword or something else that can chop, hack, slash, pierce, slice, impale, sever… well, you get the gruesome idea. Swing away!

Menu of stuff with blades…

  • sword, knife,
  • longsword, broadsword, bastard sword, hand-and-a-half, 
  • shortsword, cat gutter or katzbalger, 
  • scimitar, sabre, cutlass
  • falchion,  rapier, dress sword, hanger, 
  • katana, gladius,
  • dagger, hidden blade,

    bastard sword 10001
    kickass broadsword
  • great sword, two-handed sword, claymore, zweihander, 
  • war pick, light pick
  • sickle, scythe
  • war axe, great axe, battleaxe, bearded axe, short axe, long axe, poleaxe, narrow axe, broad axe,
  • hatchet, tomahawk, 
  • wood axe, splitting axe,
  • trident
  • claymore, baselard, espadon, seax
  • hidden cane sword, retractable toe blade, spring blade, trick blade,
  • ogre “stabbar,” goblin “sharpy,” kobold “jagger,” sprite “nicker,”  
  • knuckle spike, elbow spike, shoulder spikes, helm spikes, 

    scimitar 10001
    heavy duty scimitar
  • obsidian blade
  • pointed stick
  • awl, marlin spike,
  • elven blade,
  • cavalry sword
  • serrated blade
  • dragon scale dagger
  • dwarf battleaxe
  • gnome shiv
  • basket hilt
  • cleaver
  • badelaire, tuck, hurl, bat,
  • paratrooper knife,
  • bayonet,
  • stiletto khopesh short spear, half spear dirk
  • saw blade skewer
  • toothed blade, flamberge, executioner’s sword
  • machete,
  • estoc, landsknecht ,backsword,
  • katar, punching dagger,
  • kris, wave blade,
  • triple dagger,
  • shotel, curve blade, shamshir, sickle blade, hawk’s bill knife, 
  • cleaver, knife, tongue blade
  • gauntlet sword
  • jack knife, pocket knife, switchblace, gravity blade, springblade,

Sword and Blade Parts

  • tip, point, tanto point, spear point, clip point, trailing point, slant point, drop point, beak point, sheepfoot, dagger point,
  • spine, back, grind, swage, false edge, axis,
  • blade, knife, edge, curve, belly, angle, bevel, taper, chamfer, leaf-shape,
  • saw, serrated, wave, notch, straight, curved, gut hook,
  • channel, fuller, cannelure, groove, slot, holes, “blood gutter,” hollow,
  • ricasso, parrying guards, notch, choil, bolster,
  • tang, full tang, rattail tang, half tang,
  • heel, sub-hilt, guard, basket, cross guard, quillons, protrusions,
  • hilt, handle, grip, grip plate, wrap, finger grooves, handle belly, knurled, chape,
    • handle can be:
      • wood, bone, ivory, horn, gem stone, antler,
  • pommel, butt, end, rear bolster, ferrule, ring, cap, talon, fitting, scales, spacers, pins, rivets, welds,
  • wrought, cast, tempered, forged, blued, honed, laminated, pattern welded,
  • steel, copper, bronze, iron, alloy,
  • single edged, double-edged

Stuff to add to your blade weapon…

  • rune writing, inscription, gold inlays, etchings, markings, symbols, writings, words of power, invocations, maker’s mark,
  • tassels, beads, gems, jewels, bone, wood, metal, chain
  • belt, scabbard, sheath, frog, sash, boot sheath, cloth wrapping, lashings, cords, ties, chape, crampet, bouterolle,
  • new, fantastic minerals and elements and chemical compounds are found all the time in narrative worlds, things like dwarf minerals, elf alloys, or gnome alchemical treatments…
    • you can name these new materials that you invent to make them sound cool… just use some of these Latin prefixes & suffixes around any three or four letters to make it sound scientific:
      • prefixes: chlor- chrom- cata- ana- endo- ecto- plasmo- iso- leuk- herp- med- malle- proto- poly- bi- rhiz- stoma- meso- hemi- hex- arche- arthr-
      • suffixes: -ic -ium, -mer -algia -al -aceous -oid -phase -ase -derm -ploid -fer -flect -eous -helminth -ign -ine -septic (not good… means like an infection) – nom
      • examples (it took me five minutes to make these up):
        • chlorbidine steel (plant-based alloy, therefore elvish — stronger than titanium or any other fantasy or sci-fi metal ever conceived of – Ha! I win!)
        • protomagaceous stone (the most primordial stone ever… carries ancient magical knowledge and power)
        • plasmotynoid mineral powder (used inside sheaths to keep a weapon ever sharp)
        • leukoproseptic treatment (a white layer that protects metal weapons from decay or oxidation)
        • medilladign alloy (a bendable metal; makes great shackles… perfect fit every time)

Actions with swords and knives

  • stab, slash, slice, prod, impale, gut, hack,
  • hammer with the pommel, knock out, clobber,
  • back swing, follow throw,
  • thrust,
  • parry, block, spin, duck,
  • brandish and proclaim something, raise and holler,
  • throw, hurl,
  • swing low,
  • trip, knock,
  • use two swords and come up with some wicked cool combos; or sword and axe,


  • swords can wear out, get knicked, lose an edge,
  • blades can break off handles if the tang is not strong,
  • dropped weapons create a need for improvised quick thinking
  • this is kinda gross, but swords can get wedged into ribs or bone or armor
  • surprise! the sword you found is actually cursed!
  • sword arms get tired in long fights; how will you deal with exhaustion?

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