One of the cool things about building your own narrative is that you get to be the top dog, the big cheese, the all-potent omniscient creator of your fictional world! (insert diabolical laugh here… and fade out)

On this page, we’ll help you look at a number of angles for whatever it is you’re building. Sometimes an idea is floating around and you can’t quite sink your teeth into it (like bobbing for apples).

These pages focus on your work over and above the story itself. If you’re a writer trying to build a particular ambiance or vibe into your story, here’s where you’ll find some tips. If you’re a roleplaying game master wanting to build a world, here you’ll find some ideas for the overarching pieces.

Read some of the ideas below, follow some links, or select options nested under CREATING in the top or side menus. If we don’t yet have what you’re looking for, email or leave a comment in the space at the bottom of the page. Have fun inventing!

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